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sAYetech cocoa pod breaking machine

Enhance your Cocoa Processing faster and efficiently!

sAYetech cocoa pod breaking machine

Enhance your cocoa processing faster and efficiently!

Featured Models

50 times faster than manual pod openings

About Agency

up to

The Cocoa Pod Breaking Machine averagely breaks up to 60 pods per minute.

Special Features

Simple Structure

Our machine is simple in structure which makes it easy to operate.

Labour Saving

The high efficiency rates of our Cocoa Pod Breaking machine makes it possible to reduce excessive labour costs. 

Easily Replaceable Parts

We use machine parts that are easily replaceable on the market.

Higher Unit Output

Relative to manual cocoa pod breaking, the unit output of the cocoa pod breaker is large.

Engine Powered

Our Cocoa Pod Breaking Machines essentially use diesel powered engines which ranges from 18HP to 25HP.

Low Fuel Consumption

Use only 2 gallons of diesel for an entire 8 hours day run.

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