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ST6000 Gen III

Multi Crop Thresher

Threshes maize, rice, soybean, sorghum, millet, beans, groundnut and more.

Thresher is efficient for seed production.

Maize: 1.5 ton – 3 ton/hr Soybean: – 0.88 ton – 1.2 ton/hr

Sorghum/ millet: 1 ton – 2 ton/hr

Beans (with stalk): 0.5 ton – 1.2 ton/hr

Beans (in pod): 1 ton to 2 ton/hr

Rice (long stalk): 0.5 ton/hr

Rice (short stalk 10cm to 30cm): 1 ton – 2 ton

Groundnut: 200kg to 500kg

Fitted with alternator/ dynamo for electric voltage generation.

Electric Key start motor with 15 plate battery.

Clearing efficiency average of 98%

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