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Undue Drudgery Post-Harvest Losses

Over 100 million farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa suffer undue drudgery post-harvest losses up to 30 percent, grain breakage, up to 100 percent loss of profit for smallholder farmers, health hazard from dust pollution and children spend precious school days working on farms.

The average African farmer uses rudimentary tools to carry out post harvest activities i.e., mattocks, cutlasses, and sometimes their bare hands for farming.

Solutions we Offer


Market For Agricultural Machinery

SAYeTECH designs and builds smart agricultural machinery suited for the African conditions. Our machines are robust with durable materials.


Computer Aided Design Industrialization Solutions

With certified software from Autodesk, we provide computer aided design services to engineering institutions and individuals to meet their product design needs.


Direct Service Provision

SAYeTECH provides direct service provision (DSP) to smallholder farmers by employing vibrant youth as machine operators


Smart Machine Monitoring

We install embedded devices that allow you to track and monitor your agricultural machinery such as the multi-crop thresher with our mobile application

Our Products

ST6000 Gen II

Multi-Crop Thresher


Cleaner 2.0

Cocoa Pod

Breaking Machine

Cereal Dryers

4-Tonnes & 6-Tonnes


Processing Series

Into the future of automations

The company is looking to enhance its current product line by automating them to increase efficiency and produce energy sustainable technologies

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Get started with realtime smart monitoring, geo-climate based updatesDownload Our Mobile Application to get more integrated solutions with our machines.

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