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ST-6000 Gen II Multi Crop Thresher

Make a decision today, your single investment that meets your threshing needs.

50 times faster than manual threshing


Threshes: maize, rice, beans, soybeans, sorghum, millet, bambara & cowpea beans and more.


Capacity: Maize: 1.5 ton - 3 ton/hr Soybean: - 0.35 ton - 0.8 ton/hr Sorghum/ millet: 1 ton - 2 ton/hr Beans (with stalk): 0.5 ton - 1.2 ton/hr Beans (in pod): 1 ton to 2 ton/hr Rice (long stalk): 0.5 ton/hr Rice (short stalk 10cm to 30cm): 1 ton - 2 ton


Fuel type : Diesel Consumption: 1.2L/hr or 2 gallons for 8 hours run Engine horsepower : 18-24 hp All parts and supplies are available for replacement.

One Thresher, Many Impacts

Improved Productivity

(10.8ton/season) Reduces threshing post-harvest losses to less than 2% from an of 30%

Relieved Women Farmers of Drudgery

Saved school Children

Our thresher saves 4 children, 17 school days for education

Builds capacity of local manufacturing

Improved health for farmers especially women and children

Saved school Children

Our thresher saves 4 children, 17 school days for education

ST-6000 Gen II on Field

The Menewenyo Women’s Group; a group of women 20 in number at Sefwi Mempeasem in the Sefwi Wiawso Municipality of the Western North Region has benefited from the threshing services provided by the European Union-funded ReDIAL project. The women, who hitherto harvested between 10 and 20 bags of maize and beans each cropping season, are hoping for their maximum yield since 1999 this year.

What Our Clients Say...

“Today, in less than 30 minutes, the machine has been able to thresh 20 bags of maize for us. In the previous cropping seasons, the lack of labor, the tedious nature of manual threshing, and the rains would have led us to suffer losses in the number of bags of grains we would have harvested”
- Juliet Tornyie
"Previous, during harvest we will have to use sticks to manually thresh our produce in this hot sun, after beating the soya beans with sticks on the floor, much of the soya beans will be lost in the soil coupled with too much waste, thanks to the EU ReDIAL Project, we have this SAYeTECH Multi-Crop Thresher reducing our burden.
Abdul Rahaman Asia
"Honestly, it would have taken me two days to manually these two bags of maize."

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