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Justina’s Story at SAYeTECH

In my second year of acquiring a degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, interning for Sayetech was one of the best experiences for me.

Initially, I had a few inhibitions about working for an agricultural manufacturing company because it wasn’t my usual field of play but I took this as an opportunity to challenge myself and be open to new things. Working with the business development team of Sayetech proved to be a real eye opener for me. I welcomed all the responsibilities I was presented with and learnt a lot. I got a real glimpse into the corporate world and it’s ups and downs.

I was so glad I took the opportunity to intern at sayetech. I met some really amazing people and gained a lot of skills in administrative work. I went on to even apply to be a part time administrative associate because I wasn’t ready yet to bring my learning process to an end. I’m in my third year and a part time administrative associate for Sayetech. Thank you Sayetech!”



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